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Recreating Montmaray

For our latest covershoot, we decided to have a real person model for the camera. We chose The FitzOsbornes in Exile, and coincidentally, our model’s name is Sophie (she’s also an old friend).

Here’s what the cover looks like:

fitzosbournes_ARTWORK:Layout 1

We tried to recreate the pensive, depressing mood, but we shot on a beautiful sunny day. You be the judge–we even included two versions.



And here’s the secret to our sophisticated lighting (Jen was behind the camera. Lisa held the all-important posterboard).


ETA: for more pictures from the shoot, visit here.

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Thanks to Anita Silvey’s Book-a-Day Almanac, I now know yesterday was Ask Your Cat Questions Day. I have no felines to interrogate, so I did the next best thing and recreated Jean Craighead George’s How to Talk to Your Cat book cover:


What I used: wooden statue and construction paper

Original coverHow-to-Talk-to-Your-Cat1

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Time for another cover recreation…this one was easy: The Thief, by Megan Whalen Turner.


What I used: old competition medal, blue clay, plastic bead and string.

Original cover


Let us know if you have ideas for future covershoots. Some books are more feasible than others (ie Everything On a Waffle in all its flying food glory would be difficult), but we will try our best.

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New project: we’re turning cover art into photographic art, one book at a time. We’ll keep the Photoshop to a minimum because we don’t believe in airbrushing!

First up: Make Way for Ducklings

What we used: nine stuffed/glass/ceramic ducks and a green sleeping bag.

Original cover:

Bonus: our homage to the duckling statues in the Boston Commons (in sepia!)

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