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It’s been a while since we’ve put Daleks in the library. The kidlit library, that is. So because it’s the weekend, just for fun, hold on to your sonic screwdriver because it’s about to get geeky:

In an old house in Skaro, all covered with hand mines, lived twelve little Daleks in two straight lines.

In an old house in Skaro, all covered with hand mines, lived twelve little Daleks in two straight lines.

Exterminating baobab trees, one asteroid at a time. First B-612, next the universe. Exterminate!

Exterminating baobab trees, one asteroid at a time. First B-612, next the universe. Exterminate!


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In honor of the 2014 World Cup, The Guardian’s How to draw… series invited author and illustrator Dave Cousins to teach us how to draw a footballer (not of the American pigskin handling variety).

While I haven’t been following the matches as closely as some, while browsing through the live commentary, this second goal scored by Miroslav Klose of Germany against Ghana (whom the US narrowly defeated) piqued my attention. So here you go! Flipping awesome victory somersault not included…


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I just discovered The Guardian’s delightful series, How to draw…, where children’s books illustrators teach you how to draw characters from their books. Today’s model: Weasel Leader and friends, of Elys Dolan’s Weasels (which I haven’t read.)

That didn’t stop me from drawing some weasels, though.

Swan Lake weasel pas de deux (paws de huit?)

Swan Lake weasel pas de deux (paws de huit?)

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true blueTrust me when I say, don’t read Kathi Appelt’s latest book, The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp. Books like hers deserve to be heard. So do whatever it takes to optimize your experience. Find an elementary school teacher or librarian who does story-time, coerce your parents/child/sibling/spouse/kindly neighbor into reading to you, or listen to the audio recording. But don’t just read it–unless you’re reading it aloud.

True Blue Scouts flows as languidly as a long summer’s day on the porch with a glass of cool lemonade and a chatty relative. Equally whimsical but less melancholy or heart-wrenching than the The Underneath or Keeper, it’s adorably simple, silly, and sweet.

The tale opens with scouts Bingo and J’miah, who monitor Sugar Man Swamp–home of the elusive ivory-billed woodpecker (IBWP), incomparable local canebrake sugar, mouthwatering fried sugar pies, and legendary Sugar Man–from the headquarters of a vintage 1949 DeSoto. When Bingo and J’maih, who are racoons by the way, notice an ominous rumble-rumble-rumble-rumble headed in their direction, they have no choice but to rouse the Sugar Man to protect the swamp. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, humans Mr. Sonny Boy Beaucoup and Ms. Jaegar Stitch are scheming to evict twelve-year-old Chap and his mom from their house-cum-cafe (home of the world’s best sugar pies) so they can build an alligator wrestling arena and theme park over the swamp. The only things stopping Sonny–a boatload of cash or proof of the Sugar Man’s existence. And the only thing that will wake the Sugar Man from his slumber? A snip-snap-zip-zap from Gertrude, his serpentine companion, or the aroma of fresh canebrake sugar. (more…)

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And of course, JK Rowling!

If we’ve learned anything at all from reading Harry Potter, it’s if a giant bearded man carrying a pink umbrella raps on your door just past midnight of July the 31st, by all means, go with him! Yer a wizard. A what? A lemon drop. Oh wait…

To honor the books and the author who entertained us from childhood into adulthood, here’s a 15-minute sketch. Granted, Rowling is much better looking (and she’s wearing more mascara), but this was the best I could manage in fifteen minutes with my drawing abilities.


Who wears the specs better? HP or JK?

P.S. Sketch based on photo from this interview with the Telegraph.

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Well, Professor Umbridge would be the last person to wish you all a happy weekend, so it stands to reason she’s gracing us with her presence on a Monday (incidentally, her favorite day of the week.)


Doesn’t she look smashing in pink?



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Once again, our friends were nice enough to help us doodle at the table.

First up, it’s Harry, Ron and Hermione:


They look happy…

…until you realize they're standing on a rabbit-rat version of Voldemort shooting carrots and lasers out of its eyes.

…until you realize they’re standing on a rabbit-rat version of Voldemort shooting carrots and lasers out of its eyes.


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"How nice to see you in the physical world at last."

“How nice to see you in the physical world at last.”

Oh, wait. Sybill Trelawney doesn’t do happy weekends. Don’t set your table for thirteen and do stare at your tea leaves for a very long time, and you might live to see Monday. Ta-ta!

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We’d like to present a phenomenon we’ve coined The Code Name Verity Effect. It is such that things (historical persons, foods, locations, activities, and items) mentioned in Elizabeth Wein’s novel become suddenly more interesting. 

For example:


Lord Nelson Mass!

1) We both sing, and we weren’t initially that thrilled about the choir’s summer piece–Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass–until we realized the title refers to Lord “Kiss me, Hardy!” Nelson of Code Name Verity fame. We are suddenly 1000x more excited for this piece.

2) Now we want to read Peter Pan so we can get all the inside jokes, too…Kipling, not so keen

Maddie's mittens.

Maddie’s mittens.

3) Lisa wants to take up knitting because of Maddie’s gloves (Jen has already bookmarked the pattern!)

4) After reading so much about soft-boiled eggs at Castle Craig (and the devastating scene in France), Lisa really wants to eat an egg from an egg cup, the proper way

5) Jen is willing to try Maddie’s pickled onion sandwiches, eye-watering though they are

Combat boots are cool!

Combat boots are cool!

6) Combat boots are cool! #takethatDoctorWho

7) Our new dream vacation involves seeing the green flash over the Pennines. Let’s throw in the Holy Island seals too.

Have you noticed the Code Name Verity Effect at play in your life? How about with other books?

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Inspired by Mo Willems’ dinner doodles, my friends and I attempted our own. Behold!


Happy spring!IMAG0162


A snail with attitude. (more…)

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